Elevator Speeches That Work

Elevator Speeches That WORK

(Podcast by Guest Blogger, Karen Graves of Your Sales Fix) Good marketing often requires networking. It also requires having a clear message about who you are and what you do. But that’s easier said than done. Often small business owners dread or avoid networking. When they meet someone for the first time they may struggle with how…

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The Boldness Of Your Brand

The Boldness of Your Brand

Many of you may already know that Marketing Cafe is the remake of Mirchandani Consulting. We spent the better part of a year focusing on rebranding; working with brand experts, business coaches and designers to help us hone in on our essential essence – helping small businesses take control of their online marketing. It was…

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Programmer To Do Your Website

I love programmers. Don’t get me wrong. But after no less than 2 hours trying to renew a membership I wasn’t loving ALL programmers. And here’s why you shouldn’t hire a programmer to do your website. Programmers Program Painfully obvious, yes. But unless your website will be used by programmers and programmers only you need…

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Which Social Media Account Should You Use?

Social Media Marketing In The Real Business World

We like to write about practical ways to market your small business online and social media marketing has become an integral way to do that. But we still get lots of questions about how all the hyperbole translates to real action on the ground. We recently came across an article from BNet’s Jeff Haden entitled…

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Creating A Call To Action For Your Website

What can your website do? Does it roll over and play dead? Or does it fetch leads for you? Your website can be your businesses best friend but it needs to be taught a few tricks. The trick here is creating a “call to action”; that’s marketing speak for having your visitors do something. So…

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image of a jumbled of words related to social media jargon

Managing Social Media

By now, you’ve likely set up your social media channels and may be wondering “How am I supposed to keep up with all this?!”Managing social media can be a challenge. But there are a lot of great tools out there to help you manage both your posts and the stream of those you follow. Here…

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Find your subscribers

Which Social Media Sites Should I Use?

When talking to clients about integrating social media into their marketing plan the first question they ask is often “Which social media sites should I use?” The short answer is “Whichever sites your customers are on.”  The long answer is “You’ll need to do some research and make some decisions based on where your customers…

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Email Marketing List – When Your Email Subscribers Unsubscribe

One of the major topics of conversation around email marketing is list development; how do you grow your email list? It’s a valid and important consideration, granted. But what happens when your email subscribers unsubscribe? Nothing. Well not nothing, but its necessary to put it in context. It Cleans Your Distribution List Generally speaking, when…

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