Wayfinders for Website Usability

Website Usability: Wayfinders To Help Users Find Their Way.

For effective online marketing SIMPLE is really the key.
Navigational and information design for websites tells us we need to present links and information clearly and with purpose. Your visitors should be able to navigation your site almost without thinking about it. The information should be easy to pick out from the page without studying the text.

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Manage Your Email List

Turns out, on many lists, we don’t have the option to update our profile. We can either leave the old email address on the list or unsubscribe altogether. So as we phase out of the old emails, what do you think we’re doing on the lists that don’t give us any other option? Right, opting out… Here’s what to do so you don’t lose your valuable subscribers.

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Taming Of The Online Review

We received a very distressed call from a Yorktown business owner the other day. She had received a scathing online review – two actually – on CitySearch.com. She asked what we could do to “block the site”. In a word; NOTHING. But there are things you can do to tame bad customer reviews. How Online…

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Website Entry Pages: Your Website Is NOT Your Home Page

We are working with a Spa in lower Westchester that sells a lot of gift certificates on their website. We are overhauling the website including the all-important gift certificate page. In recently reviewing our progress we were averaging about 3 minutes a page – but spent 40 minutes going over the gift certificates page. Here’s…

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Online Marketing Budget Vs. Wish List

I am working with a client in Scarsdale to overhaul their website. But as often happens the wish list of features is bigger than the online marketing budget. So what do you do when this happens? You prioritize. And implement some tactical online marketing solutions. Here are some of the issues and how we decided…

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