7 Keys To Managing Your Online Presence

Print FriendlyClients often ask how they can optimize their websites. We give them the wheel once we’ve built the car so to speak. This gives them more control of their online marketing efforts. Below we have comprised a list of 8 key tools for clients who want to manage their online presence. Of course, we wrap […]

Google Rewarding Mobile-Friendly Websites

Print FriendlyMobile-Friendly Websites rewarded In case you’ve been living under a rock – or, you know, busy running your business – in February Google announced they are changing their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites as of April 21. It’s not that they “ding” you for not having a mobile site, but those that have a mobile-friendly […]

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Google Analytics – 4 Key Metrics to Watch

Print FriendlyGoogle Analytics provides a lot of great detailed charts, graphs and tables that show how well your website is helping your company establish credibility, enhance brand awareness and increase sales. But for some, the sheer amount of data can be overwhelming. Fear not. We have simplified it down to four key Google Analytics metrics to […]

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Google Analytics For Small Business [video]

Print FriendlyHere is the video of Jann Mirchandani at iCAN-Global‘s September Forum. iCAN-Global links global business and technology resources with innovators worldwide. Jann was honored to be invited to speak at their September Forum, help at Westchester Community College and broadcast worldwide. Jann’s discussion covered the basics of Google Analytics and how to use it to evaluate and […]

Quality Content, Strong Keywords and Blogging

Common Sense SEO

Print FriendlyWe get this question all the time, “Do you do SEO?” And while I am rarely at a loss for words, I still struggle with the answer. Why? Because it’s a loaded question. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means something different for everyone. For some people it’s Pay Per Click advertising (which refer to […]

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Search Engine Optimization 101

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to make the most of “organic” search results – in other words, developing and maintaining your website in such a way as to maximize your rank in the results returned for a given search phrase. So what are the elements of a good SEO strategy?