Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization 101

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to make the most of “organic” search results – in other words, developing and maintaining your website in such a way as to maximize your rank in the results returned for a given search phrase. So what are the elements of a good SEO strategy?

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Is Anyone Out There? - Web Analytics

Is Anyone Out There? – Web Analytics

Often I talk to people who assume that because I design websites, the money is just rolling in. (If only!) These are usually the same people who assume that if they create a website the money will come rolling in for them. The internet does provide a plethora of opportunities for those willing to go after them. But like anything else, there are no short cuts. Running a web-based business is still running a business; you must work to make it successful. By using web analytics you can start working smarter not just just harder. Yup, that ol’ chestnut.

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