Mobile Website Vs. Mobile App

I got a call today from a nonprofit here in Westchester. We had an interesting conversation about creating a mobile website vs. a mobile app. It’s a question lots of businesses and nonprofits are asking lately so I thought I’d share some of what we discussed here.Feel free to ask follow-up questions or share your…

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What Does A Website Cost?

“How much will this cost me?” It’s one of the first questions most folks ask when they begin thinking about redoing their business website. Fair question. We all live in the real world and we don’t have money to burn. To answer the question lets begin by looking at what you’re “buying.” What kind of…

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Jann Mirchandani On “Westchester Means Business” [podcast]

It was my pleasure to talk to Dr. Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of Business Council of Westchester on her radio show “Westchester Means Business.” I headed down to New Rochelle, to the WVOX studios, to talk about how businesses can use online marketing to grow. We talked about how online marketing might work with…

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social media explorer

Your Foder’s Guide To Social Media

I was recently speaking about social media at a graduate course in marketing communications. One of the students in the class, who’s owned several successful businesses during his career, asked if he “really needed social media to be successful.” He said it felt like a foreign language to him; no small comment coming from a…

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google blackout for net neutrality

WWW Blackout?

You may be wondering what happened to Wikipedia today (January 18, 2012) or where the Google doodle went. Or perhaps you noticed nothing amiss because you’re a small business owner and are busy trying to make a living! Whatever the case, Wikipedia and many other websites have “gone black” in protest over the proposed Stop Online…

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Using Coupons To Improve Sales

There was a feature by Carolyn M. Brown in a recent issue of Black Enterprise magazine that offered some good advice on using coupons to improve sales. I thought I’d share her list and add some insights based on our clients’ experiences. 1. Offer a percentage or dollar amount off each purchase. This is a…

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Interview on WorkAtHomeSuccess.com [podcast]

Jann Mirchandani recently completed an interview on WorkAtHomeSuccess.com. The full interview is 30 minutes long and covers a variety of topics around running a small business, marketing for small businesses and social media. For more information about starting and running an at-home business, visit WorkAtHomeSuccess.com Listen to the podcast.

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It's Not All About You

It’s Not All About You!

No offense, but your website is not all about you. We talk to small business owners all the time that rattle off a list of the features and benefits to be highlighted on their website. But that’s not what they should be thinking about when developing a website. They need to be thinking about the…

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responsive design concept drawings

Hiring A Web Designer

Hiring a web designer or web developer is often a leap of faith; faith that they know what they’re doing, faith that they’re going to do what they say and faith that you’ll end up with something that will help you grow your business.With most things technical it may seem like faith is all you…

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