Creating A Call To Action For Your Website

Creating A Call To Action For Your Website

What can your website do? Does it roll over and play dead? Or does it fetch leads for you? Your website can be your businesses best friend but it needs to be taught a few tricks.

The trick here is creating a “call to action”; that’s marketing speak for having your visitors do something. So how does one go about creating a call to action? Well there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

1. Make it obvious

This might seem obvious, but the call to action should be, well, obvious. In creating a call to action you are providing your readers with a roadmap; they shouldn’t have to search for this map.

Here’s a great post from Smashing Magazine that gives a lot of great examples of Call To Action buttons in action.

2. Make it simple

We can debate the dumbing-down of America later, but people don’t want to have to think; they especially don’t want to have to think about what YOU want to have happen. So keep the language clear and concise.

Think “Join Now and Get 10% off” or “Download The XYZ Report to Learn More”. Creating a call to action that works is all about dispelling ambiguity.

3. Make it rewarding

When you’re creating a call to action include something of value to your readers. You’re asking someone to give you their information which has value. You need to reciprocate by providing a whitepaper you’ve written or a coupon towards their next purchase; something your reader can use.

So my challenge to you is take 5 minutes to look at your site and think about where you can add a call to action or how you can improve one you already have.

And of course, we’d be happy to help.

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