5 Low-Stress Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your Marketing

5 Low-Stress Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your MarketingAdding more stuff to an already full task list can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick, low-stress things you can do today to boost your marketing. Really. Easy.

Leverage Your Signature

How many emails do you send a day? Lots, right? Hopefully, you already have a default signature set so you save yourself having to type your name at the end of each message. But do you have a link to your website? How about your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts?

Share Relevant Links Via Social Media

You ARE using social media, aren’t you? Leverage the many tools out there to easily share good information with friends and associates. I link Ping.fm. Minggle is good too. And there are tons of others.
And even without these tools, many blogs and online resources have a super-easy “share” tool right next to the article to allow you to quickly pass along the link.

Set Up A Schedule

I’m not suggesting you carve it in stone, but create a marketing outline for 2010. Include a schedule of when you will send out email campaigns, what content you will cover (high-level stuff here, not details) and most importantly who will be responsible for the task. This can change as circumstances warrant, but having it written down increases the chances it will get done.

Review Your Analytics

Take a peek at your website analytics. What content is being read? What pages have a high-bounce rate; i.e. from where are your visitors leaving your site? Don’t make this an all-day affair, but get a sense for what’s working (and do more of it) and what’s not (and do less of that).
If you don’t have Google Analytics or another diagnostic tool set up, make that your marketing task today.

Update Your Profile

Not to harp on about Social Media, but make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. Add a link to your website and update your status.
If that’s done, than participate in a discussion. This is not an opportunity for you to sell yourself but a chance for you to show though leadership by sharing your knowledge and expertise.
Now pat yourself on the back for a marketing job well done!

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