MVP Basketball Camp

The Challenge

MVP Basketball Camp’s website was full of great information, including details on upcoming fundraising events, camp registration and more. Unfortunately, the information was not necessarily easy to access. Nor did their site leverage web-based assets such as subscriber opt-ins and online registration.

The website was not mobile-friendly making it hard for visitors using phones and tablets to access information as well as negatively impacting search engine placement. The site managed by a third party making updates and site maintenance a very slow and costly process.

Lastly, their blog was a separate entity from the website making site maintenance and management far from ideal.


We created a single, unified – and mobile-friendly – website and blog for MVP leveraging WordPress as a Content Management System.

Links to donation forms and registration to fundraisers were given more prominent placement using graphics to invite readers deeper into the website.

Online registration and back-office tasks were automated using conditional-logic forms.

Key Successes

Improved Efficiency
Online registration not only made it easier and faster for families to register campers it allowed staff to easily sort and print camper groups and streamlined back office processes.

Positive User Experience
A mobile-friendly website ensured that everyone had a positive user experience regardless of the device used. And having all the content under one roof ensured readers weren’t jumping from one site to the next to get the information they wanted.

What You Can Learn

Think Outside the Box
Most people only think about the information they are GIVING when they think about what goes on their website. But by thinking about the information you are collecting and how that fits into your workflow you may find opportunities to increase your productivity as well.

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