Adding Blog Comments, Building Relationships

Blog Comments and RelationshipsWe’ve talked about blogging before, but usually from the perspective of what you might write about on YOUR blog. We want to take this opportunity, however, to remind you to spend some of your time adding blog comments on others’ blogs.

There are a myriad of benefits of sharing the love. The big takeaway here is that when you participate on the blog of others you are building real relationships with real people who, not coincidentally, are potential business partners and customers.

Here’s how you do that.

Adding blog comments

When you leave your comment, adhere to the culture of the blogosphere and don’t be spammy. Add a comment that lends value to the conversation and doesn’t – at least overtly – promote yourself and your business. This is your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field or at a minimum a thoughtful individual.

By leaving valuable comments you are supporting someone else’s work and helping them build their blog community. That’s how you build relationships; you help people.

Contact the blogger directly

Don’t be afraid to contact the blogger via email if appropriate. In the case of a blog post we came across recently, that had several spammy comments, we opted to send a quick email to the author.

The response was very affirming. She thanked us for our comments and the heads up on the spam comments. That’s how you build relationships; you connect with people.

Be a part of your own conversation

When people comment on your blog post, be sure to thank them and respond to their thoughts. That’s how you build relationships; you show appreciation for people.

And that’s what marketing is; building relationships with people.

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  1. Jann – What is the best way to respond to my readers? I have recently gotten some comments that the individuals get value from my blog. Warm Fuzzy feeling ensues. So I really want to thank them. Should I comment again on the blog?
    Thanks! Great e-letter today!

    • Good question! Lots of time people want to say thanks and not necessarily ask a question or make a comment that would dictate a response. In those cases, it would be fine to just say something like “Glad you liked it!” It lets them know you read their comment and appreciate them touching base.
      If you have something more to add to the article, that’s fine too. Think of it as a water-cooler conversation. Doesn’t have to be heavy or overly formal; just a casual conversation among friends.
      And even if it’s something “controversial” – which makes a lot of people nervous – embrace that too. In some ways it’s even more engaging to have different opinions, as long as it remains civil.

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