Mark Galezo and Associates


The Challenge

Mark Galezo, of Mark Galezo and Associates, reached out with questions about his website; he couldn’t figure out why he was not getting any traffic to his website. He had worked with a couple of other vendors but did not feel he had a clear picture of what they had done or where he stood. Nor did he feel he had a trusted resource to look into these issues on his behalf.

With no information beyond what Mark was able to share over the phone, we needed to do more digging to find out what was happening before we could make recommendations for improvement.


Based on our initial conversation, we recommended starting with a Marketing Audit. This would allow us to get in “under the hood” and do a thorough assessment of the website’s front and back ends, as well as his Google and social media presence.

Among the problems we found were half-built websites left behind by previous developers. These sites were accessible to the public, creating SEO issues with the search engines. Yet, the site on his primary domain did not allow search engines to access the pages. The software needed to be updated and the content no longer reflected his business.

After completing this comprehensive review we were able to make specific recommendations to address Mark’s needs and button up his online presence. Knowing what needed to be done, Mark chose to move forward with Westchester Marketing Cafe into Phase Two and tackle the issues we uncovered.

Key Successes

Once we knew what we were dealing with, we were able to methodically address the identified problems.

On the back end, we removed duplicate websites and databases from his hosting account and ensured his social media profiles were all pointing to his primary (and now only) domain. We set up email addresses allowing him to use domain-based emails for business rather than his personal Gmail account.

On the front end, we created a comprehensive content strategy, clearly articulating his unique selling proposition. We worked with a copywriter to ensure that copy was well-written and concise. Better quality photos were added to the portfolio to demonstrate the variety of projects he’s worked on. Articles were written as “Featured Projects” to give prospective clients a sense of what it’s like to work with Mark.

At every step, we made sure Mark was clear about what work was being done on his behalf and why.

What Can You Learn?

A trusted partner is one that will not just make a pretty website. They will make a pretty website that will work for your business and communicate clearly and consistently throughout the project.

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