Launch Boutique

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The Challenge

Opening an online and brick-and-mortar store during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart! The client had a vision, however, and boldly moved forward.

We needed to create an ecommerce website that would feature a limited number of products and categories to start but grow over time.

The client would be adding products and maintaining inventory herself and wanted to make sure the interface would be simple to use but still have all the features she needed.


WordPress and WooCommerce allowed us to create an attractive, easy-to-maintain online shop.

Products can easily be listed as on sale via the dashboard. On the front-end, sale items are then featured on the home page and a dedicated sale page.

Extensions allow for integrated shipping calculations, printing labels and coupons.

Key Successes

A written User Guide allows the client to confidently manage the products in the online shop. The written instructions walk her through each step of the editing process.

An email newsletter enables her to share new products with her brick-and-mortar and online customers.

What Can You Learn?

Where you start is not where you are going. Having a plan for the early stages, as well as for how you will grow your business and your website is an essential part of any successful endeavor.

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