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The Challenge

Building on his years of experience Ray Kimball was taking his pedagogy to higher education professionals across the country with a completely new endeavor – 42 Ed Games. He needed soup to nuts; branding, messaging, and a website that would showcase the fact that that game-based learning is FUN.

Designing immersive, highly engaging games that enable students to successfully grasp difficult concepts was his jam; marketing, not so much.


Our team worked with Ray to develop a deep understanding of his business and his target market. Based on that information we created Key Messages that he could use on his website, in collateral marketing material and in pitches with potential clients.

The branding for 42 Ed Games needed to represent the same irreverence as the name, a nod to “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. Using a quirky font, bold colors (drawn from Ray’s military experience) and custom game-themed graphics reinforced the message that 42 Ed Games is not your typical educational model.

Key Successes

Taking the time to understand the target audience allowed us to address their needs right upfront. Questions such as “how does this work?” and “how can I get my department to pay for this?” are answered right away in plain English.

A simple contact form collects basic information making follow-up calls more productive.

What Can You Learn?

Take the time to understand your readers’ needs. This will allow you to create content that addresses those needs; using the website to answer questions typically asked in an initial meeting makes room for a more impactful conversation when you speak with prospective clients.

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