7 Keys To Managing Your Online Presence

Clients often ask how they can optimize their websites. We give them the wheel once we’ve built the car so to speak. This gives them more control of their online marketing efforts. Below we have comprised a list of 8 key tools for clients who want to manage their online presence. Of course, we wrap all […]

Managing The Growth Of Your Website; Blogging For Business

I’ve had several conversations in recent days about websites suffering from extreme growing pains. You know the kind; they have tons of information that you can’t find using the navigation maze…I mean menu. It all starts innocently enough. “I need a simple website for my business” you say to your designer/programmer/neighbor’s kid. “No problem” is […]

Apples and oranges

Should Our Blog Share A URL With Our Primary Domain?

I had a conversation with a new client in White Plains the other day. He had just completed a redesign of his primary domain and blog. Both were lovely. However, they did not share the same domain.  Conversely, I had a separate conversation with a separate client just a few days before and my advice […]

Marketing Tools

Marketing: Same As It Ever Was…

Here’s my thought for the day… Marketing is really the same as it’s always been; we’ve just got much cooler tools to work with. The key is connecting with customers and now even the little guys and gals have powerful tools at their disposal. Social media and networking, blogging, email campaigns with tracking tools. These […]

To Blog or Not to Blog

To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Just about everyone has heard the term “blog” bantered about. That doesn’t mean you know what it is or how to use it to promote your business. So let’s take a look at blogs as a marketing tool. Definition Blog is short for “web log” but if you say web log you will sound like […]