Free YouthSpark Camps: Kids Can Code, Create and Play in White Plains, NY

Westchester Marketing Café LLC is excited to share this great local opportunity for our youth. We are avid supporters of girls in tech as well as the guys. Free YouthSpark Summer Camps are an awesome opportunity for kids to get more techie. Kids will learn how to create their own games and apps, and turn their business ideas into a reality, in a fun and supportive environment at the Microsoft Store. “The Skinny” YouthSpark Camp: Learn to Code Flatverse In this free, intermediate-level camp for kids ages 12 and older, students use TouchDevelop, an interactive programming environment website, to create and publish their own video game called Flatverse. As they build their game, they’re exposed to various computer programming and coding concepts, including screen coordinates, random numbers, objects and functions, and more. Throughout the series, they’ll take a deeper dive into these programming and coding concepts to gain more confidence and…
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