Worst Of Westchester Contest Opens!


Top 10 Ways to Tell if Your Website Might Be The “Worst Of Westchester” …

10.     You’re embarrassed to give people your URL.
9.       You’re losing sales because your website lacks a clear call to action.
8.       Your website hasn’t been updated since Harry Met Sally.
7.       Your business has changed but your site hasn’t.
6.       Your profile pic shows those long sideburns you loved in the 90s.
5.       Visitors don’t know what to do once they land on your site.
4.       You have music playing anywhere on your site; and you aren’t iTunes.
3.       Your site was set up with a template and looks like it.
2.       You’re spending a small fortune to maintain your site.

And the number one way to tell if your site might be the Worst of Westchester.

Friends tell you it might be the Worst of Westchester!

Marketing Café wants to help!

We are looking for Westchester-based businesses that need to revamp their website and regain control of their online marketing.
We are giving away one Grand Prize of a FREE website redesign & development package worth $5000! Four runners-up will receive a FREE eMarketing Bootcamp Premier Program session worth $1000 each. See rules for complete details.

Contest Overview

We’ll be taking submissions online, and via regular or email, from businesses 3+ years old with gross revenues of $250K plus. Entries will be accepted from 3/10/11 – 5/6/11

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