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Mobile DevicesI went online recently to try to find a place in Yorktown or elsewhere in Westchester that hosted a comedy night on my mobile devices; I was looking for a fun evening for my husband’s upcoming birthday. I knew of two places nearby so I visited their websites. On one I couldn’t see anything other than the background – I was on my smart phone. Not good. When I got back to the office and looked them up I still didn’t get much information; no calendar of events, no mention at all of the comedy nights which I confirmed by phone they are doing. And worst offense of all? No email address!

It was a lovely flash-based website. Lots of beautiful images of the food I might enjoy if I go. But there was none of the information I needed to decide whether I would go. Marketing opportunity lost.
Your website is an opportunity to communicate with your audience. Give them the information they need. This is not an opportunity for your designer to show off. It’s about the user.

So here are some tips you can work on today for your online marketing.

Are You Mobile?

Right now go on your phone – or have a friend check for you – and make sure your site is rendering properly. There may be some minor quirks, that’s OK and doesn’t necessarily warrant a complete overhaul. But your visitors should be able to find you.

Are You Reachable?

Make sure your readers can reach you! Isn’t that the point of your website? But they should be able to reach you via a medium they are comfortable with. It’s about them, not you.

Don’t let your website become an opportunity lost.

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