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Email Marketing Campaigns; What’s The Best Day To Send Them?

Clients frequently ask us when they should send out email marketing campaigns. Typically we advise on a Tuesday after people have had a chance to clear out their inboxes from the weekend, or on Thursday in anticipation of clearing out inboxes before the weekend. However, we thought it would be important to take a look at the actual results of Westchester Marketing Cafe’s email campaign over the last several years. So we went into our MailChimp reports and pulled data from all of the campaigns sent in the last two years (get the total number of campaigns that we looked at). We focused on the open rate and the click-through rate. We were surprised to see that in spite of our assumptions, Mondays/Tuesdays and Fridays were the most successful days in terms of both open and click-through rates. These test results would certainly not stand the scrutiny of a statistician but they are…
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Marketing: Same As It Ever Was…

Here’s my thought for the day… Marketing is really the same as it’s always been; we’ve just got much cooler tools to work with. The key is connecting with customers and now even the little guys and gals have powerful tools at their disposal. Social media and networking, blogging, email campaigns with tracking tools. These are all just new ways to do what businesses have always been trying to do; let customers know who they are and what they’ve got to offer. You can’t do it all, but if you look for creative ways to leverage new technology you will benefit the same way businesses have benefited from all such advances – like the printing press and the telephone.

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