How A Blog Helps Your Business

You know you need a website to reach the 50%+ of customers who begin their research online. A blog may seem like overkill. It’s not. Here’s how a blog helps your business. 1. A blog provides information to your readers. Your standard pages are great and talk about who you are and what you do.…

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Managing The Growth Of Your Website; Blogging For Business

I’ve had several conversations in recent days about websites suffering from extreme growing pains. You know the kind; they have tons of information that you can’t find using the navigation maze…I mean menu. It all starts innocently enough. “I need a simple website for my business,” you say to your designer/programmer/neighbor’s kid. “No problem” is…

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photo of Mark Twain

Writing More With Less

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”In today’s 140 character world of Twitter and 100 space LinkedIn status, how can we say more with less? There is a measure of wordiness called the Gunning fog index, used to measures the readability of English…

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pages of a calendar

Are You Ready To Create Content For Your Site This Year?

Let me be honest. I knew I was due to write a blog article, but I was not sure what would be relevant and useful. Typical “ahhh…what now?” kind of moment. In an effort to a) follow my own advice and b) show how content creation doesn’t have to be torturous, I thought I’d share with…

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apple vs orange

Should Our Blog Share A URL With Our Primary Domain?

I had a conversation with a new client in White Plains the other day. He had just completed a redesign of his primary domain and blog. Both were lovely. However, they did not share the same domain.  Conversely, I had a separate conversation with a separate client just a few days before and my advice…

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Writing Web Content With Personas In Mind

When you sit down to write something for your website do you struggle to find just the right, compelling language? You want to show your readers that your team knows what their talking about. You want to establish your credibility. But what happens too often in this desire to appear a “subject matter expert” – in…

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Content Development

Creating Content For A Small Business Website

Most small business owners have more than enough on their plate already without having to worry about “content development” for their website. But to garner the benefits of organic search engine optimization, and give your visitors a reason to keep coming back (and staying in touch with you) it is important to keep the content…

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When Is A Blog Not A Blog?

The reply I most often hear when I broach the subject of using a blog as a marketing tool is “I’m not a writer.” And while most small business owners aren’t “writers” they are usually subject-matter experts in their field. What does this mean? They have oodles of information to share. But they may not…

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