5 Rules for Website Scalability

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Clients large and small often struggle with website scalability.

How do you organize a growing body of website content over months and years?

Whether its a large medical center with highly technical articles or a small beauty salon with elegant pictures of hairstyles, the question is not “What is the information”? The question is how should the information be organized in a way that is sustainable? The last thing you want to do after spending time, energy and money redoing your website is to treat it like an attic, tossing in more stuff where ever it will fit.

Here are 5 questions we ask clients when developing a content development strategy.

  1. Is the subject matter timely only for a short period, like a news article?
  2. Will the subject category grow over time, like a resource center?
  3. Will the subject area have a lot of information that will need to be searchable, like an archive?
  4. Are there multiple broad subject categories that can be grouped together, like red widgets vs blue widgets vs green widgets?
  5. Will new information be added to existing content, rather than replace it, like press releases?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, the content development strategy should focus on including these pages as blog posts.

Don’t Panic!

The word “blog” makes many people want to curl into the fetal position but it shouldn’t. A blog is just another way of organizing your content – the content you’re already creating! Articles sorted into categories and identified with tags allow readers to easily find the content they’re looking for and let’s staff know exactly where to place new information on the website.
A solid content development strategy outlined early will ensure your website is well organized now and into the future.

Not sure how to get started? Give us a call. We’re happy to help!

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