Support Connection


The Challenge

The Support Connection website had grown over years and as it did so the site organization became cluttered and cumbersome. No search function made it difficult for clients and donors to find information. The design was dated and not optimized for mobile devices.

An update was needed to better represent this vital, bustling organization.


A content development strategy based on targeted reader segments (clients, donors, business partners) became the organizational framework for the site.

Identifying what "buckets" of information would be evergreen vs that which would grow over time ensured that there was a place for everything and everything was in its place.

The back-end got no less attention. Care was taken to ensure the site was simple to manage for the small staff without any specialized technical skills. Onsite training and a written tutorial were provided to ease the process.

The site was well received at launch and the client was thrilled with the results.

Key Successes

We were able to create a highly flexible system that allowed the staff to manage the website without any specialized technical expertise.


What The Client Had to Say

"We received a call today from a business in Katonah that has decided to do a fundraising event on our behalf. When Kathy [Quinn, Executive Director] asked the business owner how she heard of us, she said she found us via a Google search. (She was looking for a local breast cancer organization to contribute to.) She told Kathy that after viewing the video on the homepage of our website, and going through the rest of the information on the website, she was convinced that Support Connection was the right organization for them to support.

We wanted to share this with you so you can see hard evidence of the impact you’ve had! Thank you Jann, for your guidance and expertise on building a better and more effective website for us! We could not be more grateful!"

- Barbara Cervoni, Director, Services and Communication

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