Mianus River Gorge

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The Challenge

Mianus River Gorge is a private, not-for-profit nature preserve and conservation organization; but you wouldn’t know it from their old website. The website mainly focused on the hiking trails and only a subset of the diverse programs and research being done.

A previous malware infection left the site difficult to update. As a result, much of the content was old and the look and feel were dated.


Using bold images and simple copy we put the organization’s mission center stage.

Program areas showcase the research and conservation work of the organization from the site navigation. A content strategy, based on program areas, keeps the site well organized and provides a structure for new content to be added over time.

Key Successes

Photos taken at the Gorge add significant visual impact and highlight the beauty of the Preserve.

The new page structure – to say nothing of a functioning search feature – solves the issue of content being buried deep in the site.

What Can You Learn?

Sometimes a technical issue can provide the incentive – and opportunity – to rethink your website.

A “nip / tuck” makes sense to address specific issues on your site. But starting fresh can provide a “clean slate.” This can be the better option if your site has been around a while or has been the victim of a malware attack.

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