ColumbiaDoctors Of The Hudson Valley

The Challenge

ColumbiaDoctors of the Hudson Valley, with offices in Suffern and Monroe, needed a website that would appeal to seniors, the practice’s primary patient load, with a younger demographic, an area in which they hoped to grow.

In collaboration with DesignWorks NY, CoCommunications and MarketingWorks NY we provided a cross-discipline approach that addressed the variety of needs on this project.


We built a comprehensive strategy integrating the doctors’ expertise and communication skills in addressing patients’ concerns. A blog and email campaign were key components of the strategy.

That content was used again as part of a social media campaign designed to broaden their reach and introduce the practice to new markets.

Key Successes

Segmenting the email list allowed subscribers to select just the news they want to receive, increase engagement, and minimize “overexposure.”

Branded social channels took the engagement to where the audience was already gathering, and driving traffic back to the website.

The practice has grown and the site saw an 84% growth in its first year.

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