Kaja Gam Interior Architecture & Design

  • Moved existing site to a more SEO-friendly WordPress content management system

The Challenge

Kaja Gam Interior Architecture & Design had an elegantly designed website but a difficult-to-work-with proprietary content management system. The portfolio page was limited 8 photos and virtually no copy supporting the images negatively impacting search engine optimization as well as the marketing effectiveness of the pages.

Email articles, shared with a robust list of readers, were added to the website but done so in a way that created a “dead end” at each article and didn’t allow readers to access any of the other content on the site. Additionally, because these articles were literally an online version of the email they looked and felt was completely disconnected to that of the main website. This combined for a very poor user experience.

And with a small staff finding time to run Google Analytics reports – never mind understanding them – was a constant challenge.

The Scope

Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC was brought in to;

  • Convert the website to a WordPress content management system
  • Manage search engine optimization and Google Analytics
  • Manage email marketing lists and campaigns
  • Develop ongoing content development strategy
  • Provide ongoing marketing recommendations and guidance

The Result

We were able to cut recurring expenses that were not driving traffic to the website or yielding phone calls by reviewing Google Analytics. We were also able to show that with a 50% gain in traffic from Houzz.com continuing to advertise there made sense.

By migrating the site over to WordPress we were able to add featured projects and include photo galleries. Our very first Case Study/Featured Project was picked up by Organic Spa Magazine within weeks of being written!


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