Working With Web Designers

“I thought you would just do it for me.”

I once had a client say those exact words to me. The impression – or more likely, the hope – was that he would sign the contract and I would magically whip up a website with compelling content and fabulous visuals that would launch his business into the stratosphere. But successful web design projects don’t work that way.

A vacuum sucks. So does working in one.

The best projects are done collaboratively. A marketing professional will help you craft a message that will resonate with your audience rather than sound melodious only to your own ear. A talented web designer will create a website that not only looks good but will allow even your mother to easily navigate the site. A good programmer will code a website that can be updated by the coworker who hits “reply all” to virtually every email the receive

Each player has a role. So do you.

Your role is to know your business; what sets you apart from your competition? what problems do you solve for your clients? Understanding how your role will affect, and be affected by, the rest of the team will improve the overall outcome of the project.

Creating a website doesn’t have to be a collaborative process…unless you want it done right.

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