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The Challenge

The team at upLIGHT had a simple and elegant looking website. They still liked the design aesthetic even though the site had been designed a few years back. But the site was built without a Content Management System (CMS) and as a result, adding new projects to their portfolio required hiring a professional. Because of this updates to the website were often pushed to the back burner.

The Solution

They called Westchester Marketing Cafe to make some basic updates on the website. Rather than focusing on just making the changes, however, we were able to provide a longer-term value.

We migrated the entire site to a CMS, in this case, WordPress, that would allow the client to make changes themselves.

The budget was kept in check by using many of the existing design elements and the content that was still current.

We were able to improve the design on internal pages by adding background images to mirror the look of portfolio pages. This simple change made a big impact on the overall look of the site.

While transitioning the site to a CMS we took the opportunity to build in some Search Engine Optimization by organizing the case studies into blog posts.

Key Successes and What You Can Learn

Content Management Systems are your friends
Sometimes older sites don’t need a complete overhaul. You might be able to move your site to a CMS, reusing design elements and content. This can make the transition easier than you might expect. This approach is best for smaller websites for organizations that are looking to grow.

Plan for growth
Thinking now about how new content will appear in your navigational menu will help keep your site neat and tidy into the future. Understanding how to leverage pages and posts will make this much easier.

Are you able to easily update your website and keep your content well organized? If not, contact us to see how we can help.

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