Broadway Mall Association


The Challenge

Broadway Mall Association had a WordPress website that they liked. A few technical and style issues, however, kept them from loving it.

The home page slideshow was an integral part of their communication and design but was difficult to update.

The widgets on the home page were attractive and quickly took visitors to key areas of the website. The photos, however, did not line up perfectly with the green text boxes and looked sloppy.

Other pesky problems included:

  • the SSL not being applied correctly resulting in the site showing as “unsecure”
  • inconsistencies in styles and the mobile layout

The Solution

A checkup was all that was necessary to get the website humming again.

The home page slider was created using a very sophisticated plugin that offered a multitude of professional-level settings. It was far more than what was needed. We replaced it with a plugin that offered right-sized options with a simpler interface that the staff could manage.

Styles used on the home page widgets were adjusted to fine-tune the layout on desktop as well as mobile devices to ensure a pixel-perfect design.

Unused plugins were removed and outdated plugins were updated to current versions. This improved security and helped to speed up the site.

A written user-guide ensures that staff is able to manage site updates themselves.

Key Successes and What You Can Learn

An overhaul isn’t always necessary
WordPress is designed to be relatively easy to work with. But what is easy for your developer isn’t always easy for your staff.

Make sure that attention is paid to ease of back-end maintenance as well as front-end usability and design.

Are you able to easily update your website? If not, contact us to see how we can help.

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