Managing The Growth Of Your Website; Blogging For Business

I’ve had several conversations in recent days about websites suffering from extreme growing pains. You know the kind; they have tons of information that you can’t find using the navigation maze…I mean menu. It all starts innocently enough. “I need a simple website for my business,” you say to your designer/programmer/neighbor’s kid. “No problem” is the reply. And a new website is born, exactly the way you said you wanted it; Home page, About Us, Contact Us, Services. But now you want to add a page about the new whiz kid you just hired. There’s another page. Hmmm. I guess we’ll just add that under “About Us”. And the new service package? Just throw that under “Services”. You’re smart though. You know good SEO is all about adding content so you add those articles from your newsletter for good measure. Ummmm. Those can go under…well, they aren’t services exactly, and…
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