Content Strategy Gives Direction To Your Website Readers

Published: May 18, 2021 Read time: 6 minutes, 30 seconds What is content strategy? Simply put, it’s a plan to add information to your website, consistently over time, that will attract readers and direct them to the content they’re interested in. You’re likely familiar with the term “Search Engine Optimization,” or SEO, which is building your website in a way that will make you findable in the search engines. SEO is an important aspect of effective content strategy. But if you are only writing for the search engines, you are neglecting the very people you are trying to attract; your readers. Sites written only around SEO principals look very different than sites written for human interaction. Striking a Balance An effective content strategy finds a balance between following SEO principals and writing with your audience in mind. Both require adding content consistently over time; letting the search engines know the…
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It's Not All About You

It’s Not All About You!

No offense, but your website is not all about you. We talk to small business owners all the time that rattle off a list of the features and benefits to be highlighted on their website. But that’s not what they should be thinking about when developing a website. They need to be thinking about the User Experience.User Experience (UX) refers to how a user feels about using your product or service, or in this case your website; do they find the experience easy, pleasant, and useful, or was it frustrating and difficult?

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Wayfinders for Website Usability

Website Usability: Wayfinders To Help Users Find Their Way.

For effective online marketing SIMPLE is really the key.
Navigational and information design for websites tells us we need to present links and information clearly and with purpose. Your visitors should be able to navigation your site almost without thinking about it. The information should be easy to pick out from the page without studying the text.

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cartoon man with target on belly

Are You A Moving Target?

I just visited two websites – completely different businesses, different web developers, different industries – with the exact same problem; horrible navigation. Now I don’t normally like to start on such a negative note, but these were especially egregious examples of really bad user experience. The navigation links on both of these websites were quite literally moving! On the first, I needed to attempt several times before successfully clicking the “contact us” link. On the next, the entire navigation menu was scrolling horizontally.If you want people to connect to you make it easy! A clean, simple design that allows users to quickly and easily find out how to contact you is always a must. Save the “cool” effects for non-content; aesthetics, backgrounds, etc.

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