Miller Grossbard Advisors


The Challenge

Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP (MGA) had been serving the Houston-area for decades. Their clients had grown to rely on them for much more than tax and accounting however.

MGA needed their website to reflect not just their full range of advisory services but their unique personality. An ordinary website would not do.


We worked with MGA to create a simple website with a very modern feel that reflected their mission of  making the complex simple.

Taking inspiration from the advertising sector, we used great visuals to help tell their story.

Key Successes

Strong Visuals
With attention spans at a minimum and competition around every corner, standing out in the crowd is very difficult. We made this possible by using images, as well as words, to tell the story.

Thought Leadership
MGA’s is full of innovative, forward-thinking professionals. With all that talent, they are committed to being thought leaders in their sector and offer timely articles on topics impacting clients.

What You Can Learn

Don’t just look at your competition
Look beyond how your competition does this. Look outside your sector to find inspiration and see what brands speak to you. Your website is often the first time people with interact with your organization.

What The Client Had To Say

Simon Associates Management Consultants worked with Jann Mirchandani and the Westchester Marketing Café team to build new websites for our clients. We can only rave about the talent, patience, and creative ingenuity that they bring to a project. These web solutions reflected the particular needs of each client. And, they were each done with the speed and ease that clients expected.

Andrea Simon
Simon & Associates

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