Accreditation Guru

The Challenge

Three years after we merged Accreditation Guru’s old website and blog into a single platform, it was time to give the site a fresh look!

The original design was fussy relative to the clean, pared-down aesthetic that had become popular.


The website redesign built on the original style standards but focused on simplifying the look and the copy. This approach created consistency in branding between the old site and the new but eliminated distractions that could divert readers.

Key Successes

Building a new theme presented us with the opportunity to create a template for simplifying the creation of future landing pages. As Accreditation Guru expands its reach, this will allow for better tracking of paid marketing efforts.

What You Can Learn

Often a website redesign project, just like redesigning a room in your home, provides opportunities to address pesky problems. There may be a way to automate certain tasks that don’t add substantially to the project – or are offset by the time savings involved long term.

Are there nudgy problems on your website that drive you batty? If so, contact us to see how we can help.

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