Home Page vs Landing Page: What the experts have to say.

Example 2: home page vs. landing page

I received a call recently from a consultant who was trying to understand what a landing page is.

“I am a consultant in Mexico. So-called ‘experts’ advised me that my Home page should have a narrow focus and lead visitors directly to the call to action. Other pages on the website could include more info about services and confirm information about my business.

Do you think it is a good strategy to be so narrowly focused on the Home-Tab?”

They wanted to know what this expert had to say on the subject.

So here’s my answer:

“I would agree that you want the Home page to be straight forward. You don’t want to put everything you offer there. That is where you should provide a basic overview of your services. Links can then invite visitors to click deeper into the site.

At the same time, I don’t generally advocate for a single option for all visitors. Not everyone will be looking for the same information. Some will be looking for info about what you do, some will be looking to learn about how to engage you. Some will be looking to ‘buy’ right away. Some are still doing their research.

I use the following analogy. Your Home page is like when you are meeting someone for the first time at; it’s an introduction. You tell the person a little bit about yourself and make it engaging so they want to know more. Then the conversation will flow based on the questions they have.

The example you showed me functions as a landing page and works to funnel everyone into the same bucket. That is fine if you only do one thing and only work with one type of client; which is unlikely to be the case.”

Accreditation Guru is a good example. The home page gives an overview of their services and a simple navigation menu allows visitors to get more information based on their needs. Are they looking for more details about the services? Do they want to know more about who they would be working with? Process? General information about the accreditation process?

Landing pages are a part of their advertising campaign. They have a much narrower focus since visitors to those pages have arrived – “landed” – in response to a targeted ad.

You can also read more about content for Home pages versus internal pages here.

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