Events To Remember

  • Small business website, CMS

The Challenge

Events To Remember, a full-service event management agency, was growing. They added public relations to its list of services and were building on their reach with the nonprofit sector, working with development officers on large, gala-type events and fundraisers.

Their site, however, was dated and because it lacked a content management system they were unable to easily update the site. As a result there was no mention on the site of their public relations services nor any focused messaging for nonprofits.

A blog had been created on Blogger but had long since languished as a separate, stand-alone site with a single link from the primary site to help visitors find it. Once there, the look and feel of the site did not match the ETR branding.


Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC was brought in to;

  • Create a content development strategy; providing guidance on adding content now and in the future
  • Integrate the blog; offering a means of keeping the site well organized as new information, events and news was added over time
  • Design a┬ámobile-friendly website; allowing visitors to easily access the website from any device
  • Train ETR staff on managing the website; ensuring the site content would remain fresh

Key Successes

Integrated, organized content

Elegant in its simplicity, we created a straightforward navigation allowing visitors to quickly and easily see how ETR could help them with their event. Yet the site structure is flexible enough to grow when ETR expands their service offerings.

Integrating the blog allows ETR to promote events and success stories without overwhelming the site structure.

Content management system

WordPress, our CMS of choice, allows staff to add new pages and update the navigation easily without any specialized technical expertise.

What You Can Learn

Undertaking a new website can be overwhelming; there are a lot of moving parts. But procrastination is not the answer!

Have plan for what you want to achieve

If you know where you're going its much easier to get there. ETR's project was successful because we started by identifying key messaging first.

Use the KISS principle; Keep It Simple

With a content strategy in place we were able to focus on their key services and targeted customers. Navigation was built to address the needs of clients first without hamstringing staff when they added new content.

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