Selecting A Host Provider

Selecting A Host Provider

What is a host provider and how do you select one for your website?

A host provider is a company that will allow you to upload your files onto their server making them accessible via the web.

Some will host your files for free, but are these plans the best solution for you?

If you are running a business, take a close look. Often free hosting plans require you to allow ads to be placed on your site. And you may be limited in what URLs you can use. So instead of sending customers to

you are sending them to

You need to be equally smart when looking at paid hosting accounts.

Does your host provide you will all the features you will need, now and in the future? Conversely, are you paying for features you don’t and won’t need?

Before you lock yourself in, talk to your developer to figure out what features you will need for your website and where you can find a hosting provider that will offer the right feature for the right price.

Your developer may be able to set up the hosting account for you, but be sure you have all the necessary information to maintain control of your account. You should know who the host provider is, your user ID and password.

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