Jean and Louis Dreyfus Foundation


The Project

The mission of the Jean and Louis Dreyfus Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of New Yorkers, particularly the aging and the disadvantaged. Their website did not convey the sophistication of the foundation or the organizations they fund.

The main objectives of this project were to:

1. update the site with a simple but aesthetically pleasing way to showcase the programs supported by the foundation and

2. create an online grant application process that would simplify managing the hundreds of submissions during the two annual application periods.

Key Successes

The archive of grant recipients is easy to maintain using WordPress’s blogging functionality. Four posts – one for each program area – are created each year. The WordPress loop “automagically” places a link to the posts in the archive list. As a bonus, the most recent grant recipients show in full at the top of the program page; all from a single post.

Scheduling the form to only accept applications during the open application period made life easier for the Executive Director, eliminating the need to respond to early and late applications.

What Can You Learn?

Even a “simple” website can benefit by leveraging technology to streamline workflow. Understanding how to use all of the features available through your software can unlock time you didn’t even know you had!

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