Service Program for Older People (SPOP)

Visit About 20% of adults will experience a mental health disorder.  SPOP (Service Program for Older People) knows that therapy can be a highly effective pathway to emotional well-being, offering therapy for people ages 55 and older. But the website was hard to use, especially for older adults. The Process Discovery Through our Discovery process, we identified three key constituencies; Clients; Those who will be participating in programs or their families or caregivers Mental Health and Elder-care Professionals; those making referrals and those looking for continuing ed credits Donors Content Strategy The site was organized around the key messages of “Getting Support” (our first segment) and “Giving Care” (the second segment), and of course the background information and donor participation options. The home page features the organization’s new video to introduce SPOP to new clients and potential new referral partners. Below that is a section used for important announcements and…
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