Which Social Media Account Should You Use?

It’s Not Personal…Unless It IS; Which Social Media Account Should You Use?

I had a unique opportunity recently; I was selected, along with my sister, for a “Cheap Chic” makeover courtesy of the Nate Berkus show. It was a tremendous amount of fun and a great experience. When I compared notes with my sister, also a Facebook and Twitter junkie, we were both tweeting and posting about it nearly non-stop for the better part of a week. But we were taking different tacks on it. She was using her business page on Facebook to share her experience while I chose to use my personal profile. Who was right?Both of us.

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If You Call Yourself A Social Media Expert…Have A Facebook Page!

I apologize in advance for my tirade, but an email landed in my inbox recently that just got me going! The email invited me to a panel discussion about how to use social media to get my business “seen”. I was curious. Marketing Cafe has, in all due modesty, some expertise in this area. But the landscape is ever-changing and there’s always some new pearl of wisdom to be gleaned. What might I learn in a couple of hours at this panel discussion So I read the invitation and went to the websites – and social media channels, of course – to learn more about the panel of 3 experts. If you call yourself a social media expert…

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Which Social Media Sites Should I Use?

When talking to clients about integrating social media into their marketing plan the first question they ask is often “Which social media sites should I use?” The short answer is “Whichever sites your customers are on.”  The long answer is “You’ll need to do some research and make some decisions based on where your customers are.” Don’t Try To Be Everywhere Unless You Really Need To Be The biggest mistake you can make when starting with social media is to try to be everywhere at once. Its hard to be successful when you spread yourself too thin. This is especially true if you are just learning to manage your social media efforts. Focus your efforts on the sites that will yield the most results; those where your customers are most active already. Track Down Your Subscribers on Social Media Here’s a great article “4 Detective Tricks to Find Your Customers…
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What’s Social Media Got To Do With Marketing?

Don’t be intimidated by social media. It can be a fun and rewarding way to expand your network, be a useful resource for others and over time drive traffic to your website and build your business. Here’s a quick primer for those of you who find yourselves confused.

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