The Stuff In-Between: Maintenance, Marketing and Lead Generation

Ongoing marketing support, smaller projects

Some clients just don’t have the resources in-house to tackle small, ongoing marketing support tasks that are nonetheless important for an effective online marketing campaign. Westchester Marketing Café provides clients the security and peace of mind, knowing that a trusted professional is keeping tabs on their website, email, and social media needs. Some clients simply use us as a sounding board to evaluate online marketing opportuni ties—like “ phoning a friend”  to get their take on recent developments.

Our “ In-Between”  projects include:

1 Website Maintenance

This can include adding the latest plug-ins and website enhancements, or setting up an automatic backup system to ensure ready access to files in case of an emergency.

2 Email Marketing

We can set up low-cost, effective email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website, blog posts, or custom landing pages promoting special sales, new products, or customer surveys.

3 Automated Lead Generation

An-automated lead generation system can effectively capture prospect data, respond automatically to inquiries, send follow-up customer service emails, and save you lots of time by automating manual processes.

For these projects, we set an affordable monthly budget and stay in touch with the client to make sure that agreed-upon goals and strategies are met. A perfect example of marketing support services is Kaja Gam Interior Architecture and Design.

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