The Little Stuff: Social Media, Email, Analytics and Troubleshooting – Marketing Support

Quick, one-off enhancements

We provide marketing support for our clients with those one-off tasks that are beyond their technical abilities, they don’t have the time to handle, or just don’t want to deal with!

Our “little stuff”  projects include:

1 Setting Up Social Media Channels

We can set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and YouTube accounts to expand your online presence and ensure that the proper cover photos, logos, and other branding are used consistently.

2 Email Sign-up

Adding a sign-up form for your eNewsletter, blog, or other marketing materials is a great way to capture important contact data and to build a prospect database.

3 Website Analytics

These timely reports measure the traffic to your website and determine the length of each visit, which pages were viewed, and any actions taken. This data can be used to create targeted follow-up campaigns or to identify the website pages that are effective, and which might need tweaking.

4 Troubleshooting

We can take care of websites or social media accounts (such as Yelp or Facebook) that have expired, been hacked, or need attention.

For these projects, we work on a consultative basis and bill only for the time spent. A great example of this kind of project is this email marketing strategy project.

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