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Interview on [podcast]

Jann Mirchandani recently completed an interview on The full interview is 30 minutes long and covers a variety of topics around running a small business, marketing for small businesses and social media. For more information about starting and running an at-home business, visit Listen to the podcast.

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It's Not All About You

It’s Not All About You!

No offense, but your website is not all about you. We talk to small business owners all the time that rattle off a list of the features and benefits to be highlighted on their website. But that’s not what they should be thinking about when developing a website. They need to be thinking about the…

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responsive design concept drawings

Hiring A Web Designer

Hiring a web designer or web developer is often a leap of faith; faith that they know what they’re doing, faith that they’re going to do what they say and faith that you’ll end up with something that will help you grow your business.With most things technical it may seem like faith is all you…

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Elevator Speeches That Work

Elevator Speeches That WORK

(Podcast by Guest Blogger, Karen Graves of Your Sales Fix) Good marketing often requires networking. It also requires having a clear message about who you are and what you do. But that’s easier said than done. Often small business owners dread or avoid networking. When they meet someone for the first time they may struggle with how…

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The Boldness Of Your Brand

The Boldness of Your Brand

Many of you may already know that Marketing Cafe is the remake of Mirchandani Consulting. We spent the better part of a year focusing on rebranding; working with brand experts, business coaches and designers to help us hone in on our essential essence – helping small businesses take control of their online marketing. It was…

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Programmer To Do Your Website

I love programmers. Don’t get me wrong. But after no less than 2 hours trying to renew a membership I wasn’t loving ALL programmers. And here’s why you shouldn’t hire a programmer to do your website. Programmers Program Painfully obvious, yes. But unless your website will be used by programmers and programmers only you need…

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Quality Content, Strong Keywords and Blogging

Common Sense SEO

We get this question all the time, “Do you do SEO?” And while I am rarely at a loss for words, I still struggle with the answer. Why? Because it’s a loaded question. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, means something different for everyone. For some people, it’s Pay Per Click advertising (which refer to strategic…

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apple vs orange

Should Our Blog Share A URL With Our Primary Domain?

I had a conversation with a new client in White Plains the other day. He had just completed a redesign of his primary domain and blog. Both were lovely. However, they did not share the same domain.  Conversely, I had a separate conversation with a separate client just a few days before and my advice…

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