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Which Social Media Sites Should I Use?

When talking to clients about integrating social media into their marketing plan the first question they ask is often “Which social media sites should I use?” The short answer is “Whichever sites your customers are on.”  The long answer is “You’ll need to do some research and make some decisions based on where your customers…

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Email Marketing List – When Your Email Subscribers Unsubscribe

One of the major topics of conversation around email marketing is list development; how do you grow your email list? It’s a valid and important consideration, granted. But what happens when your email subscribers unsubscribe? Nothing. Well not nothing, but its necessary to put it in context. It Cleans Your Distribution List Generally speaking, when…

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Top 12 Tips

Top 12 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Website

It’s sort of the holy grail of web development: driving traffic to your website. Your website is arguably your best, most effective way to communicate to your audience what your business is and how you can help them. (Notice I didn’t say “what you do”; focus on what’s in it for your customer.)There are a…

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Jumpstart Your Marketing

Jump Start Your Online Marketing For 2011

Learn valuable, actionable information on how to develop a soup-to-nuts online marketing strategy for business growth. Learn the tricks of integrating social media into their overall marketing strategy, how to use email marketing to communicate effectively with customers and learn how to apply a common-sense approach to search engine optimization.

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Wayfinders for Website Usability

Website Usability: Wayfinders To Help Users Find Their Way.

For effective online marketing SIMPLE is really the key.
Navigational and information design for websites tells us we need to present links and information clearly and with purpose. Your visitors should be able to navigation your site almost without thinking about it. The information should be easy to pick out from the page without studying the text.

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