José-Marc Gallery

  • WordPress as a content management system

The Challenge

José-Marc Gallery was a new enterprise with an art show quickly approaching. They needed a website that would establish their presence online and highlight the handful of artists already being represented but would be able to handle more artists as they came onboard.

With a shoestring budget there was no room for a lot of customization yet the site still needed to be professional-looking and scalable.

The Scope

Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC was brought in to;

  • Install WordPress on the client’s servers
  • Create a child theme for appropriate pre-built theme that would function both short-term and longer-term and ensure the minimal customizations we implemented would not get overwritten when the theme was updated
  • Instruct the client on best practices for content development and search engine optimization
  • Provide training so client was able to maintain the site inhouse

The Result

The client was able to attend the art show with a fully-functioning, highly-professional website.

The client is able to add new artists easily and grow the website in-house.

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