Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle

  • New website to match their new brand!

The Challenge

The New Rochelle Humane Society was changing its name to Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle to better reflect all 19 communities they serve. They needed to rebrand and update their website as well.

They already had a lot of great content on their website but lacked a way to highlight upcoming events. While users could make donations online, the process was confusing and cumbersome. Many tasks such as reporting a lost or found animal required calling the Shelter and having office staff take down the information to then manually enter it into their database creating a disruption to staff workflow..


Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC was brought in to;

  • Create a comprehensive content development strategy
  • Design a mobile-friendly website
  • Implement online forms to automate tasks
  • Update site content

Key Successes

For Site Visitors

By identifying audience segments and focusing on their needs we were able to reorganize the site, serving up the right information to readers quickly and easily. An attractive, custom slider on the home page promoted upcoming events and top priority news. A responsive layout makes content easy to read on desktops as well as mobile-devices. Forms that use conditional logic “walk” users through online forms, creating a more positive user experience.

For Staff

Completed forms are sent via email to appropriate staff; volunteer forms go to the volunteer coordinator, donations forms go to the development officer, etc. greatly improving workflow efficiency.

WordPress allows staff to update the website, sharing “Happy Tails” of adoption, information about and registration for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, etc., easily without any specialized technical expertise.

Within three days of launching the new website the Humane Society of Westchester received via the new online forms 40 pre-adoption applications from prospective families via the new online form, 4 reports of lost pets and 5 donations including a sponsorship for an animal in need!

What You Can Learn

  • Understanding who your specific audiences are allows you to communicate with each in an appropriate manner.
  • Your website can act as a great tool to solve operational challenges for your organization.
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