7 Keys To Managing Your Online Presence

Print FriendlyClients often ask how they can optimize their websites. We give them the wheel once we’ve built the car so to speak. This gives them more control of their online marketing efforts. Below we have comprised a list of 8 key tools for clients who want to manage their online presence. Of course, we wrap […]


WordPress Websites; Comparison of content management systems. ACT Local Marketing Interview [podcast]

Print FriendlyOur third and final segment with ACT LOCAL Marketing centers around the comparison of Wordpress to other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Come along for the ride as Kalynn and Jann share their knowledge and stories of developing with WordPress and other content management systems. We really enjoyed getting to work with […]

Working With Web Designers

Print Friendly “I thought you would just do it for me.” I once had a client say those exact words to me. The impression – or more likely, the hope – was that he would sign the contract and I would magically whip up a website with compelling content and fabulous visuals that would launch […]

Mobile Website Vs. Mobile App

Print FriendlyI got a call today from a nonprofit here in Westchester. We had an interesting conversation about creating a mobile website vs. a mobile app. It’s a question lots of businesses and nonprofits are asking lately so I thought I’d share some of what we discussed here. Feel free to ask follow-up questions or […]

What Does A Website Cost?

Print Friendly“How much will this cost me?” It’s one of the first questions most folks ask when they begin thinking about redoing their business website. Fair question. We all live in the real world and we don’t have money to burn. To answer the question lets begin by looking at what you’re “buying.”


WWW Blackout?

Print FriendlyYou may be wondering what happened to Wikipedia today (January 18, 2012) or where the Google doodle went. Or perhaps you noticed nothing amiss because you’re a small business owner and are busy trying to make a living! Whatever the case, Wikipedia and many other websites have “gone black” in protest over the proposed Stop […]