Website Design & Development

Customized website development

At Westchester Marketing Cafe LLC most of our pricing for website design and development projects range from $5K - $10K and include a marketing and custom content strategy, content management system and complete testing before the site goes live. It also includes training for key staff so they are able to manage and maintain the site with ease; and of course, we are always just a phone call away.

Budget website development

Some clients however, want to get their site up with minimal customizations and forego the work of developing a customized marketing strategy. "Get me going" is their mantra and they might opt for a pre-built theme and some basic "how-to" guidance to get up and running quickly. These projects usually range $3K - $5K and include content management system installation and the confidence that you are getting your website off on the right foot!

Large-scale website development

For projects that demand a highly tailored approach  - custom design and layout, copy editing and content development, etc. - pricing starts at $10K.

In all cases we work with clients to establish a budget that works for them.

Any overages are always approved in advance!

Retainer/Hourly Support

Have a website that you like already but need some additional support? We can do that too.

For clients that need help with:

  • Content development
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing; list development, campaign management, lead capture
  • Social media marketing; strategy development, account branding
  • Site maintenance/updates

we bill hourly or set up a retainer based on the work to be done.

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